Bubble Sextant

A.M. (Air Ministry) Bubble Sextant – Mark IX 6B/151 (Brit Pats 48012 – 490621)

Manufactured by Henry Hughes & Sons (Britain).

The instrument is intended for use on aircraft for the purpose of navigation obtaining the altitude of the sun or other celestial body.

Typical use was RAF WWII nighttime flyers for star fixes to navigate in the RAF such as Anson’s, Lancaster and Wellington Bombers.

The Hughes factory was bombed during the Blitz (between Sept 1940 and May 1941).

Fortunately the Ministry of Supply for Britain had already diversified production with two other firms experienced in the production of delicate equipment. Samuel Smith and Son. Later Smiths Industries for some time, H. Hughes and Son’s parent company, and Verner.

Bubble Sextant

Bubble Sextant Metal Case