Capital Campaign

The Saskatchewan Aviation Museum & Learning Centre (SAMLC) has recently commenced a Capital Campaign to fund raise proceeds to purchase the facilities the museum now resides. 

Currently, there is a need for the additional hangar space and as well as renovating the existing structure.  With private donations in 2018, the museum purchased 11,000 square feet of hangar space and began renting another 3,000 square feet.  The museum’s goal is to expand to 30,000 square feet by purchasing adjoining properties as they become available. With added square footage, the museum will be able to expand displays, add aircraft, and develop classrooms and meeting spaces which will continue to serve the population of Saskatchewan.

 The SAMLC is uniquely positioned in that the museum is the only aviation museum in the province and draws from patrons across Saskatchewan.  Given the credentials of the SAMLC’s leadership, the museum’s learning centre can tailor specific programs to meet the needs of teachers as well as other members of the community. The space used by the SAMLC is also flexible enough to be used for commercial purposes as well as special events.

Because of our reputation and our desire to foster a relationship, the SAMLC is inviting you to support this provincial aviation museum.  Through private, corporate and governmental support, the SAMLC will stand out as a world-class museum and learning centre. We would be pleased to meet in person to discuss a possible partnership.

Important: Change of Hours & New Entry to Museum

(Oct 1st to Apr 30th)

Open Wed to Sat,  9am to 4pm daily
Closed Sun, Mon & Tues

Pre-arranged Group Tours may be available upon request on closed days.


Effective August 1, 2020, the museum no longer has street-front access. Unfortunately, due to the economic impact of Covid-19, the museum has had to move all its activities to our unit at the rear of Hangar 5. The new entrance to the museum will be via the gate at the north side of the building. Signage with contact and entrance instructions is displayed. Please check back here for updates on our progress as we reorganize the museum. As always, contact us with any questions or to schedule a visit or a flight.