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Support Programming and Help Secure Our Future

The Saskatchewan Aviation Historical Society Inc. operating as the Saskatchewan Aviation Museum and Learning Centre is a non-profit and registered charity. 

Donating to the Saskatchewan Aviation Museum and Learning Centre (SAMLC) ensures that this interactive facility remains an aviation education centre, a centre celebrating Saskatchewan’s rich aviation history and major attraction for our province.  

Donations help us to meet our overhead costs, support programming, enable restoration projects, and raise capital to secure the museum’s future. 

Donations help us to…


Meet our overhead costs

Preserve Saskatchewan’s and Canada’s strong aviation past and educate visitors of historic, technical, and cultural role in aviation


Support Programming

Provide visitors an operating, educational and flight-ready living museum


Raise Capital

Ensure the long term viability of the museum and expand our exhibits

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We are registered with PayPal Giving Fund Canada which does not charge charities or donors fees for their services. 

Full value of your donated funds (100%) flows through to the museum. PayPal Giving Fund provides you with a tax-deductible donation receipt. 

If you need help or have additional questions, please contact us.

Thank-you for your consideration and support