Basics of Float Flying

Basic skills necessary to general float flying piloting skills to rated floatplane pilots who wish to improve their proficiency.

Basic Float Flying introduces you to the basics of floatplane flying and operation. Understanding how to handle the plane in the air, on the water and at the dock. While the referenced course material is not comprehensive it provides a basic knowledge that can serve as a foundation on which to build further knowledge.

This course covers topics such as:
Design of the floats
, Hazards of float flying
, Reading the water
, Right-of-way on the water
, Pre-flight inspection, Taxi
, Take off & Take off Run, Landings, Glassy water circuits, Short field circuits
, Docking, sailing, beaching.

An experienced and qualified pilot facilitates the course. Reference material may be downloaded from Transport Canada’s website link below.

Course Fee is $65.
Coffee & lunch is included.

This course date is subject to Covid-19 restrictions governed by Province of Saskatchewan’s limitations on event size and restrictions at time of event. Social distancing and wearing a facemask is a requirement when entering the museum.

Transport Canada – Instructor Guide Seaplane Rating:

Transport Canada – Flying Safety With Floats:

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