DHC Chipmunk Ground School

Ground school course for a vintage 1956 DHC Chipmunk. Pilots and interested aviation enthusiasts can learn about general flight.

Ground schools may be for pilots, but all interested aviation enthusiasts are invited. Its not very often you get a chance to view, listen and learn about a vintage aircraft like the DHC 1B-2-S5 Chipmunk.

The Chipmunk replaced the Tiger Moth bi-plane in the early 1950’s. The DHC-1 designation indicates the Chipmunk was the first original design of the Canadian firm, which eventually was allowed to develop its bush plane, the DHC-2 Beaver. Designed originally as a military trainer, many Chipmunks after military use were sold to civilians, either to private owners, flight schools or to companies, where they were typically used for a variety of purposes.

Qualified instructor facilitates the course. A flight manual is available to purchase ($50) at the museum for participants who want or require one. ($25 shipping & handling fee applies if material is requested be mailed).

Coffee & lunch is included.

This course date is subject to Co-vid 19 restrictions governed by Province of Saskatchewan’s limitations on event size and restrictions at time of event. Social distancing and wearing a face mask is a requirement when entering the museum.

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