Glider Ground School for Pilots

This Glider Pilot ground school is for holders of an aviation license or permit who are interested in becoming a glider pilot.

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Glider pilots enjoy the purest and most free form of flying in a friendly club setting. The course offered is a 1-day (5-hour) ground school designed to meet the requirements for a Transport Canada gilder pilot license.

Topics covered will include:

An introduction to gliding and soaring
Gliding and soaring operations in a club environment
Theory of flight – gliders, introductory gliding and advanced soaring
Meteorology and instrumentation relative to soaring.
Human factors and safety
Facilitator: John Toles. As a licensed pilot, glider pilot, glider flight instructor and former SIAST Commercial Pilot Diploma Program instructor.

Course material will be provided.

Course Fee is $65. Coffee & lunch is included.

This course date is subject to Co-vid 19 restrictions governed by Province of Saskatchewan’s limitations on event size and restrictions at time of event. Social distancing and wearing a facemask is a requirement when entering the museum.


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