Harvard Mk IV Ground School

Ground school course for a vintage 1952 Harvard Mk IV. Pilots and interested aviation enthusiasts can learn about general flight.

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Ground schools may be for pilots, but all interested aviation enthusiasts are invited. It’s not very often you get a chance to view, listen and learn about a vintage aircraft like the 1952 DHC Mk IV Harvard.

The Harvard was known as “The Pilot Maker” because of its important role in preparing pilots for combat in WWII British Commonwealth Air Training Program (BCATP). These aircraft helped pilots to make the transition from low powered primary trainers (Tiger Moth) to high-performance front-line fighters such as the Spitfire* or Mosquito*. The Harvard could be intimidating with its relatively big 600hp engine, similar to the engine used on the de Havilland Otter.

A qualified instructor facilitates the course.

Coffee & lunch is included.

This course date is subject to Co-vid 19 restrictions governed by the Province of Saskatchewan’s limitations on event size and restrictions at time of event. Social distancing and wearing a facemask is a requirement when entering the museum.