SNow plane

Snow plane or aluminum can on a steel tubing frame, mounted on skis and powered by an airplane engine complete with a propellor. This snow plane was built by Mr. Flath, and his brother Robert Flath, at their farm in Rosthern. The 190 horsepower Lycoming aircraft engine will develop at about 2,500 r.p.m at full throttle and, under ideal conditions, will drive the snow plane forward at a speed of about 65 miles per hour. 

The aluminum cabin has a single seat in front, and two seats behind, with plenty of leg room. There are Plexiglas windows, similar to those in small air crafts, all the way around. Robert Flath built the aluminum cabin and even marked the last rivet with a center punch. 

The steering mechanism is a small steering wheel connected to the front ski, which will turn. An automobile speedometer has been calibrated to register the revolutions per minute of the airplane motor. Several gauges are necessary to ensure everything is in order. These include a fuel gauge’s oil pressure, cylinder and manifold temperature and amperage gauges. By early February, the shown plane was ready for use, costing about $1.400. and that was for materials and did not include labor.