CF-JDO 1959 Memorial Exhibit

In 1959, they took off and were never seen again.

Until we found them.

Help us tell their extraordinary story.

Help us preserve the memory of F/O Raymond Gran DFC and Saskatchewan Conservation officer Harold Thompson. Help us tell the story of their downed Cessna 180 CF-JDO, which was recovered after 59 years in Peter Pond Lake.

The family located both souls and their aircraft in 2018, starting a year’s journey towards their recovery. The Museum was proudly able to provide assistance in the recovery of the aircraft in 2019.


Campaign Goal $223,000

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Now we need you.

Construction build of the replica Cessna 180 CF-JDO float plane is once again underway. The pandemic of
the past 2 years having delayed this project, we are hopefully its now being behind us, and progress being
made continues.

The wings and stabilizers are complete, and much of the aircraft has been polished to its
gleaning aluminum shine once again.

Pontoons need work and the fuselage is being readied for painting.
There is still a great deal to the aircraft, even after painting that may take us into 2023. Interested in
viewing, our progress for yourself, make a pint of stopping by the museum for a tour and view the
restoration hangar.


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In Memory of Peter Rens


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Help us tell their extraordinary story.

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