DeHavilland CS-2F Tracker Simulator

In the northwest corner of the hangar you will see the nose section of a de Havilland Tracker. This is a front section of an aircraft that was originally used as a crew systems trainer. 

Neither kids nor adults may TOUCH exhibits, but here they can play “airplane” and move the controls, make slobbering noises, etc. 

The display is configured for anyone, especially children who want the experience of sitting in a cock-pit of a real airplane. Visitors can manipulate the controls, flip switches, etc. This “hands- on“ display is very popular.

Why do we have half a Tracker?

This aircraft was used aboard HMCS Bonaventure, Canada’s last aircraft carrier.  The story is that while trying to land in high seas on a pitching deck the tail section contacted the aft part of the deck and the tail section was destroyed. The forward of the aircraft was recycled as a systems trainer.