The Past Comes Alive – A Case for Support

It has been said by many an important figure throughout history that if you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you are going. Likewise, it is important to study the past in order to define the future.

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Bringing the past to life is core to what the Saskatchewan Aviation Museum (SAM) is all about.

As one person described it, visiting SAM is like taking a walk forward into the past and entering immediately into the storied history of aviation in our province — bringing to life stories that instantly capture the imagination and ignite ones’ curiosity. These are mouth to mouth tales preserved in the memory of men and women who once breathed life into the telling of them, inspiring future generations of aviators. So too, they are the tour guides that will take you on a journey through the museum.

Collecting and preserving Saskatchewan aviation history and artifacts makes this museum one of a kind in our province. The importance of aviation to Saskatchewan is undisputable. And the sky is the limit in terms of its future program offerings and potential impact on the community and lives of SAMs’ patrons, here and beyond.

Many charitable organizations and smaller non-profits dependent on volunteers and revenue through admissions experienced a drastic decline in revenue during the recent pandemic, largely because of an inability to hold fundraising events. For SAM it meant closing its doors for only three months. Some museums closed their doors permanently. But the aviation museum is resilient, is here to stay and is building for the future.

You are invited to join in investing in that future.