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Let’s keep the Tiger flying. Do you know someone who has flown an antique open-cockpit biplane? A ride in this aircraft is one of the ultimate interactive flying museum experiences and we need your help to continue these adventure flights. By supporting the Saskatchewan Aviation Museum’s Tiger Moth Flying Project, you are helping to keep this aircraft accessible to the public.

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Imagine that you are walking along the river in downtown Saskatoon. You hear the distinctive sound of an old airplane, and you can tell it isn’t moving very fast. You look up through an opening in the trees and you spot the source of the sound. A bright yellow WWII biplane comes into view, and with it comes a feeling of being transported back in time to the 1940’s. You continue to watch as it slowly makes its path across the sky.

What if you have an opportunity to go for a ride in a Tiger Moth? The Saskatchewan Aviation Museum operates an aircraft for just this purpose. The flight is in an open cockpit, and you feel the propeller wind wash on your face as the engine starts up. There is the unique smell of “old aircraft bouquet”. The brakes are released and you are moving forward while you hear the pilot talking to the control tower in your headset. Looking down, you can observe the flight controls with anticipation of the idea that you might get to try them.

One last clearance from the control tower and you are on the runway accelerating forward and gently lifting into the air. You are flying! You can see all around you as the horizon gets bigger, as though you can see forever. As you fly over the downtown area you see the view of the river and all the bridges that Saskatoon has to offer in one spectacular panoramic view.

The pilot coaches you as you place your hands and feet on the flight controls and follow along with the pilot. You experience what it is like to fly an aeroplane while you continue your sightseeing adventure. That feeling of flight fills your senses, and your world is fully alive. Getting closer to the airport, the pilot prepares for landing. The radio is chattering with the sounds of communication, and you hear the words “cleared to land”. The air gets quieter as the plane slows down and the aircraft settles until you feel the wheels gently touch the runway. You taxi back to the hangar while your heart is still in the air.

We operate a museum that flies, and we store, conserve and display aircraft as technological records of the past. This keeps once commonplace skills, manufacturing, design, and techniques from vanishing forever. Unfortunately, costs for antique aircraft parts have escalated in the past few years as they are in short supply. We have incurred almost $40,000 worth of expenses for our Tiger Moth Flight Project in a very short period, so we are looking for support in maintaining our mission.

The Saskatchewan Aviation Museum is a non-profit organization that exists largely because of the generosity and support of donors, volunteers, and grants. Our goal is to keep this flying experience available. We keep the Tiger Moth airworthy by conducting regular planned maintenance as well as replacing parts that become unserviceable. The aircraft is kept in tip-top condition, and each year the costs go up considerably. In the past few years, we have noticed an unusually large increase in expenses.

Eventually, flying the Tiger Moth will become financially unsustainable. For now, our goal is to keep the Tiger Moth accessible to the public by continuing to offer affordable prices. This is why we are reaching out to donors for support. By supporting the Saskatchewan Aviation Museum’s Tiger Moth Flying Project, you are helping to keep this aircraft accessible to the public. We are a registered charity, and we can provide tax receipts for donations of $20 or more. Thank you for your support.

Brian Eikel
Execeutive Director
Saskatchewan Aviation Museum

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